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Michael Coleman is a leading expert on California local government revenues, spending and financing. He is the creator of, the California Local Government Finance Almanac, an online resource of data, analyses and articles on California municipal finance and budgeting. He is the principal fiscal policy advisor to the California Society of Municipal Finance Officers (CSMFO) and, for over twenty-five years, to the League of California Cities. Coleman is a popular presenter at graduate schools and conferences and is the author of numerous articles and references including the California Municipal Revenue Sources Handbook, and, as co-author with Mike Multari, Ken Hampian and Bill Statler, the Guide to Local Government Finance in California published by Solano Press.

An experienced city fiscal officer, Michael previously worked for the cities of San Mateo, Milpitas, Daly City and Sacramento. He received his BA in Policy Analysis from UC Davis and his MPA from the University of Southern California, and is a graduate of the Coro Fellows Program. In February 2013, the California Society of Municipal Finance Officers honored Michael with their Distinguished Service Award for dedicated service and outstanding contribution to the municipal finance profession.

Articles and Publications

  • A Guide to Local Government Finance in California, (with Michael Multari, Ken Hampian, and Bill Statler), Solano Press, 2017
  • The California Municipal Revenue Sources Handbook, 2019 Edition. Sacramento, CA, 2019
  • "Hot Topics in California Municipal Finance" Western City October 2018
  • "A Primer on California City Revenues" Western City November 2016
  • "League Provides Municipal Financial Health Diagnostic Tool" Western City November 2014
  • "The Road Ahead for Funding City Infrastructure Needs" Western City November 2007
  • "Is Your City in Good Financial Shape?" Western City November 2006
  • "Local Fiscal Authority and Stability: Control and Risk in California City Revenues" Western City  August 2003
  • "The Origin & Devolution of Local Revenue Authority" Western City  June 2003
  • "State Intrusion Creates Fickle Fiscal Future for Cities" Western City April 2003
  • "A Primer on California City Finance" Western City November 2002
  • "A Diagnosis and Remedy for City Finance and Governance" Western City November 1999
  • "Property Tax Fairness Among Local Governments Means Consolidating Local Governance" Cal-Tax Digest November 1999
  • "A Fair Deal for Internet Sales is A Fair Deal for Communities" Western City July 1999
  • "How Cities Put Dollars to Work," Western City June 1999
  • "Waiting for the State to Get Its House in Order: The Origin of Cities' Fiscal Relationship With the State" Western City November 1998
  • "Facts About City Dollars" Western City November 1998
  • Financing Cities: City Financing in the Decades after Proposition 13, League of California Cities, May 1998
  • "The Finances of Public Safety" Western City, November 1997
  • "Drafting a Blueprint for Fiscal Reform" Western City, September 1997
  • Proposition 218 Implementation Guide, (contributor) League of California Cities, January 1997
  • Living With Proposition 218, (contributor) League of California Cities, November 1996

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